Yakudoshi Jewelry


My mom gave me this necklace from Etten Eller for my birthday and to wish me a good luck for my Yakudoshi (Mae Yaku). I got it at Barney’s NY last weekend. 

前厄なんですけどね、その後本格的な本厄、更に後厄って3年も厄が続くの?と思うとへこむわー。でもそのおかげでマミーからネックレスもらえたのでラッキー!? 現金でもらったので余ったお金でBing Bangの指輪も買っちまいましたよん。


oh and I saw a super cute Bing Bang ring and somehow it came home with me…;)  (of course i paid for it!)

What’s Yakudoshi? In Japan, people believe that there are certain bad years in your life based on the Japanese calendar so you have to carry something “long” such as necklace and scarf etc…to avoid bad lucks. 

To quote the Japanese Cultural Center of Hawaii’s website,

Bad luck years are referred to as yakudoshi, with yaku meaning “calamity” or “calamitous” and doshi signifying “year(s)”. These years are considered critical or dangerous because they are believed to bring bad luck or disaster.

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