Growing Scallions Indoors ネギ!




I’m secretly dreaming of owning a small farm somewhere warm to grow vegetables someday… When you buy scallions, it often comes with roots. Cut the bottom 1.5” of the scallions and just put it in water. It grows easily. Scallions don’t need lots of sunlight so even if your apartment is not super sunny, it should be fine. Growing it in soil is faster so I just got a small bag of nice soil and cute planters at Perriwater Ltd on 1st ave and 52nd st. 🙂

In Japan, we use scallions on lots of dishes. You can chop it really small and put it in Miso soup, can be a nice topping for Tofu steak and etc…


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2 Responses to “Growing Scallions Indoors ネギ!”

  1. Jeff Says:

    I love this idea for the scallions. I either don’t have them when i need them or i buy them and they go bad in the fridge because i don’t use them. Thank!

    • Fuko Says:

      I knoooow! You don’t need a lot for one dish. Scallions are strong so no bugs and still grows even in winter!

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