My Work ★ Beyoncé




Some of my art direction / design work of Beyoncé – I AM SASHA FIERCE. It was pressure to do the photoshoot with Peter Lindbergh and of course with Beyoncé.

One night, I was drunk enough to try to sing “Single Ladies” at Karaoke but it was impossible to sing…too fast! But I guess my dance was ok!

最近?の私のビヨ関連の仕事。撮影からデザインまでオールイン!で頑張ったー!カラオケで酔っぱらって無謀にも”Single Ladies”を歌おうとしたけど歌えるわけないっつーのねっ!無理っす。

Art Director:  Fusako Chubachi Photography:  Peter Lindbergh 

Logo:  ilovedust Hair: Kimberly Kimball Make Up: Francesca Tolot 

Stylist: Ty Hunter Manicurist: Lisa Logan

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One Response to “My Work ★ Beyoncé”

  1. Skittle86 Says:

    Love the references to Baphomet 😉

    Your good friend Mr Lindbergh Quotes:

    “….combination of ideas, feelings and emotions that are somehow “reborn” from all our experiences and perspectives.”

    I take it he was initiated in order to become ‘reborn’….

    Ahh the price of fame and fortune……..

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