Sunset in Negril – ジャマイカの夕日







I went to Negril, Jamaica to enjoy some Piña Colada and the famous beautiful sunset a while ago. The sunset was really amazing, it almost made me cry. I don’t know why but it was very touching.. I could have watched it forever but the sun goes down and night comes, no matter how I feel, that’s why it makes me wanting to go back there again to appreciate that moment.

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14 Responses to “Sunset in Negril – ジャマイカの夕日”

  1. Bar-tender Says:


  2. GUCCI☆鬼平 Says:

    オイラの友人も今年始めにジャマイカへ行った際 路上強盗に出くわしてナイフで手に怪我を負わされたんです。。。。



    • Fuko Says:


  3. win2009 Says:

    it’s wonderfull, i like sun like this. Very very beautiful. This good site

  4. Hisakon Says:

    うわあああああああ めっちゃキレイですねっ!!!

    カリビアン諸島はゼッタイ一度は行きたい地域ですよ~。私はトリニダードとジャマイカに行きたいでっす☆ でもアジア人、特に日本人のみで行くのは危険な感じがするので、是非ローカル人の付き添いつきで・・・笑


  5. hawst Says:

    It’s beautiful.

    Just reminds me of Hawaii’s golden anniversary celebration this year.

  6. Qaisar Says:

    i realy shock to visit ur blog its much beautful specialy ur party pictures and ur common life its realy very nice i cant tel how much amazing ur blog

  7. n3os Says:

    hi fren , nice place …
    do you ever come to this place ?

  8. Roberto Ramos Says:

    Hello Fuko.

    Wonderful landscape, but does not compare to its beauty.

    Have a great day.

    Roberto Ramos

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