My Work ★ Adam Lambert Album Cover





アルバムはレディガガやDr Luke, MUSEがプロデュースで参加しててとても豪華です!まずは最初のシングルここ←で聞けますよ!(大音量で聞きましょう)


にほんブログ村 海外生活ブログ ニューヨーク情報へ

9 Responses to “My Work ★ Adam Lambert Album Cover”

  1. himegorou Says:

    It’s DIFFERENT! It’s NEW!!!

  2. 5sense Says:

    リアルアダム 始動ですね!

    ありがとうございます たくさん!

  3. ばに Says:



    I love you so much!!!!

    I mean it!!!

    I MEAN IT!

  4. tomo Says:


  5. Tara Says:



  6. Bern3755 Says:

    Glamswarm oh yeah. The Galaxy will indeed be in a trance.

  7. kylee Says:

    Hi fuko, I love this picture! It is really amazing and you’re an amazing artist🙂 . But I do have one little question, is the basic concept of the cover close to “glam fierce alien”? If it is, is it possible for you to check the proportion of “Adam” in the galaxy background? IMHO, resize the Adam part down a little bit would be better. Because with a noticeable deep shining galaxy, it can bring a sense of space for the cover, which might help to reveal a concept (glam alien from outer space) rather than just a gorgeous face to the customer.

    Here is a PSed picture I’ve found, I know the CD cover would be square, but this is just a showing that a smaller Adam might work a little bit better. (

    Finally, I love that picture!!!!!!! Thank you for your insist on being original for the cover!

  8. Kymm Says:

    Thank you for creating a brillant piece of art work. Wish I could purchased a numbered print or lithograph of Adam’s cover, I haven’t been able to take my eyes off it since first seeing it today. Thank you.

  9. Elaine Glambert Says:

    Beautiful cover of Adam. I love it. You captured the Glam in Adam and how he sees himself. Its mezmorizing and will awakin everyones senses. Great job!!!

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