We all know that MOMOFUKU serves amazing food but there is a secret menu that you have to pre-order least a day before because it’s cooked in the oven for 8 hours…it’s called Bo and a big chunk of juicy pork! You wrap the meat with lettuce and put your choice of souse such as scallions, chili souse and kimchee etc but the best mix was to wrap it with a raw oyster! I didn’t know how it tastes….pork and oyster…? Yes, that was amazing! I had to melt again!!! You gotta try this meal but it’s $200 and huge so must be a big group. I was too full to move but was able to sing karaoke after the dinner! 😉

MOMOFUKU Ssam Bar:  207 2nd Ave, New York  (212) 254-3500
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4 Responses to “MOMOFUKUで巨大肉、ボー!”

  1. Ari Says:


  2. FLORENTIA55 Says:

    Yes, it’s a really amazing pork !
    Never guess that I can tast with a Raw Oyster!!
    Do you know PORCHETTA which we have in here toscany?
    Wonder maybe the BO is similar taste o cook like this.
    Wanna’ say that it’s really special and tasty.
    Oh Karaoke: envy you!

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