Sake Tasting Event on Friday! 秋の地酒イベント


今回は日本から沢山の蔵元さんも来ているので酒造りのこだわりなど、貴重なお話も直接聞けるチャンス!酒蔵の奥の部屋を貸切って立食形式のイベントなので皆で楽しく飲みましょう〜!(お酒のラインナップは、酒一筋、開運、秋田誉、喜多屋、白川郷、文楽、天領、瑞泉泡盛、いいちこ、摂州男山 、白雪生酒、天山などなど。)

This Friday, Sakagura, a Japanese restaurant in Midtown East, will play proud host to ELEVEN of the most distinguished breweries from Japan. We cordially welcome you to a much-anticipated Autumn JIZAKE night at Sakagura!

The twenty sakes that have been carefully selected for this event. In addition, in a joint effort with executive chef, Mr. Yasuhiro Honma, seasonal finger foods will be featured for paring sakes. We hope you will join us in tasting some of the best sakes with eleven Kuramotos (sake brewers)!

Sake Tasting & Appetizers:
$40 per person (includes tax and tip)

Yasai Chips –Lightly Fried Thinly Sliced Vegetable Sprinkled with Salt
Fresh Oyster Served with Ponzu Sauce
Buta no Karaage –Lightly Fried Pork Marinated in Curry Flavored Soy Sauce
Nianago no Iimushi – Cooked Rice Ball Topped with Simmered Sea Eel

MUST R.S.V.P. (212) 953-7253
Sakagura: 211 East 43rd St, (bet 2rd ave & 3nd ave) New York MAP
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