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Aoi represents Japan in Star Wars artbook



Aoi Nishimata has been picked to represent Japan in an upcoming Star Wars art book which will contain art from over 100 illustrators. She Is knows as an Eroge illustrator and I don’t hate it but I wanted to see Tetsuo Hara (Fist of the North Star) version of Star Wars instead!


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My 80-hour journey with FF12



After spending 80 hours for FF12, I still don’t understand who the main character was. OK, maybe it doesn’t matter but what happened to Rosaria and Orcuria after Vein is gone? There is no bonus movie of Ashe’s coronation after our 80-hour journey? It was the worst FF game!!

Bad Points
• The first town is tooooo big. Walking around and wandering to get to a destination is a pain in the ass.
• The close-range weapons can never hit flying monsters. So annoying…
• Too many sub characters. I can’t tell who it is since all the judges are wearing the masks!!
• when the player changes a target, it has to recharge the power from the beginning!!!
• No battle scene music… 😦
• Chocobo, too slow!!

Good Points
• great variety of the weapons
• Gunbit system. Interesting.
• MP goes up automatically by walking around.
• Field battle system (amazing!!!)

Vaan originally supposed to be the main character is just being like a guest character…. Why was he traveling with the party? Also there are not enough stories about his brother and Vaan, I almost forgot about his brother!
And the voice actors were awful.

One of the biggest mysteries is Pannero traveling with the party. She is supposed to be a positive tomboy type of girl but she is actually super negative and shy and she can’t even talk to the other members.

He kept saying “I’m the main character” in the game so it almost made me to believe it after while.

She dresses like a transsexual fucker but she is actually very depressed old woman. Sometimes being out of control.

My favorite character. Strong and loyal. I like his hair long.

The most Incomprehensible princes in the FF history.
At the ending, shouting out “BARUFUREAAAAAA” was ….. ???? What’s wrong with her? Wasn’t she chasing Rasta who died for the country?? OK, she is over it now so suddenly she is in love with Balthier? Yes, that’s what all of us/women do.

I hope 13 is much better than this.

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